MVD iLaser Fiber Lasers

Quality high technology is exemplified in the MVD iLaser Fiber Laser. Every MVD fiber laser is built with state-of-the-art precision components to deliver maintenance-free technology. 



iLasers For Every Application

  • 2, 3, and 4 kW models
  • Table sizes 60″ x 119″ to 80″ x 237″
  • Cutting thicknesses to 0.78″ MS, 0.47″ SS, .39″ AL
  • Maximum loading capacities 2,200 lbs – 6,062 lbs

Standard Features

  • IPG Multi Mode Fiber Laser YLS for perfect beam quality
  • Precitec HP-SSL Laser Cutting Head for precise, consistent cuts
  • IPG Laser Chiller Unit, digital microprocessor controlled
  • iLaser CNC controller
  • Fast automatic loading/unloading shuttle table
  • Laser protective glass
  • CAD CAM 
  • Automatic nesting

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