RodFLAT Busbar Punching Machines

RodFLAT Busbar Punching Machines

The RodFLAT LT is an energy-efficient, high-accuracy punching and cutting machine featuring servo-electric punching technology combined with linear motor flat bar feeding. The technical innovations of this machine provide high production efficiency and the modular design concept offers a wide range of automation alternatives for meeting specific needs.



RodFLAT: The Next Level of Busbar Punching

Main Features:

  • Servo-electric flat bar punch press, maximum ram force 400kN
  • Flat bar maximum width up to 200 mm for thicknesses 3 – 15 mm
  • Tool magazine for 7 fully configurable stations
  • Rodstein CNC-system built on Beckhoff open-control platform
  • Beckhoff AC-servo-drives and motors
  • Graphical user interface with Windows® touch screen operation
  • USB port and Ethernet connection for program transfer
  • Teleservice
  • CE safety approved

Until Rodstein came on the scene there wasn’t much excitement in the busbar punching and bending industry. Rodstein’s automation revolution in copper and aluminum busbar production changes that.

If you are ready to revolutionize your busbar production while cutting costs, then consider what Rodstein’s robotic busbar processing has to offer:

  • All electric, servo-driven machines. No hydraulics.
  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Unsurpassed production speed
  • Automatic tool-changing

Custom Features

  • RodLEAN additional tool magazine
  • Multi tool station for 3 B-size thick turret tools
  • Tool adapter for thick turret C-station or EHRT tooling
  • Punching and Cutting scrap sorting
  • Additional clamp package in 4 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 14 mm, and 16 mm thicknesses
  • Automatic loading unit
  • Laser and dot peen marking

Standard Features

  • Beckhoff Embedded PC with Intel Atom 1.75GHz, 2Core processor and 18.5” touchscreen
    • RodFLAT LT graphical user interface
    • Beckhoff TwinCAT automation software
  • Servo-electric punching
    • Progressive stroke control for high tonnage and speed
    • Automatically controlled punch hammer for Multi-Tools
  • Universal tool magazine
    • Independent tool holder configuration
    • Magazine with 7 positions for Multi-Tools
  • Bar feed
    • Synchronized clamping for bar widths 30 mm – 200 mm
    • Servo motor controlled for accuracy and positioning speed
  • Loading and unloading tables
  • Graphical part programming with nesting feature


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