International Technologies is the original U.S. CoastOne dealer

Ten years ago International Technologies sold the first CoastOne electric press brake to a customer in the United States. A decade later we remain the preeminent sales and service supplier for satisfied users across the country who appreciate the unparalleled craftsmanship and renowned precision CoastOne is known for.

First, a little history

Our relationship with CoastOne began with the Cone 900. CoastOne’s flagship electric press brake is still hugely popular with U.S. fabricators. Why? They never stop running. We have many satisfied users of these original all-electric machines spread across the U.S. and Mexico.

CoastOne Cone 900 Press Brake

Cone 900: the original

A decade of sales and service experience with CoastOne all-electric brakes

A decade later CoastOne has expanded its line to include the extended open height “X-series” brakes, the O-frame design G-series, and the Bull Series for special high tonnage applications.

CoastOne G40 O-frame press brake

CoastOne G40 press brake

Every CoastOne press brake provides unsurpassed precision for the user combined with the reliability and low operating cost of an all-electric machine tool.

CoastOne Bull Series Electric Press Brakes

Bull Series B15

Looking ahead to the next ten years

International Technologies is proud to represent CoastOne. We look forward to building on our decade of experience as the first U.S. dealer and still your best resource for CoastOne sales and service.

Interested in CoastOne? Call IT today.

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