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The best resistance spot welder you can buy.

Do your corners look like this?

Then you are not using an ACF cornerformer.

ACF corner former: perfectly formed corner

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ACF corner former: perfectly formed corner

Don’t settle for punching and bending.

Process the future of busbar.

VaskiBEND Busbar Bending Machine
VaskiPUNCH Inspiration Model
  • Durma ADS Series Press Brake

In stock and ready to ship:

Durma Press brakes
Durma Fiber lasers
Durma Plate rolls
Durma Profile bending machines
Durma Shears

No payments until 2023 with approved financing

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20 years of supporting our customers with the highest quality lean fabricating machines available.

International Technologies, Inc. is a customer-driven distributor of technologically advanced metal fabricating machinery. We promise to work with your business to provide the best metal fabricating equipment available today and to support every purchase through the life of your product.

One of the most important aspects of our promise to focus on you and to bring you the finest, broadest and most productive line of fabricating equipment in the world.

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