We are pleased to announce that effective immediately we are working with Macrodyne, the largest hydraulic press manufacturer in North America.

The list of Macrodyne’s hydraulic press offerings is truly impressive:

General Metalforming Presses
Deep Draw Presses
Forging Presses
Hydroforming Presses
Hot Stamping Presses
Compression Molding Presses
Spotting & Try-Out Presses
Coining Presses
Cold Forming Presses
Elastoforming Presses
Super Plastic Forming Presses
Heated Platen Presses
Pulp Baling Presses
Extrusion Presses
Research Presses
Compaction Presses
Mold & Trim Presses
Special Application Presses

Macrodyne Press

Did we miss anything? Macrodyne also designs custom presses with a wide selection of frames including multi-frame press frames, 4-column press frames, and gap style frames. Press capacities go up to 200 tons and the company is also expert in pressline automation and die handling equipment.

Macrodyne 4 column press frame

Four column press frame

Macrodyne Press Line Automation

Want to find out more? Call us at 847-301-9005 to find out about the opportunities Macrodyne hydraulic presses and automation can bring to your operation.