Strong Demand for Advanced Metal Spinning and Flow Forming Technology Drives Expansion

Schaumburg, Illinois, August 31, 2017. WF-Maschinenbau, Sendenhorst, Germany is proud to announce the opening of its North American subsidiary, WF Machinery, Inc. at the offices of International Technologies, Inc., 627 Estes Avenue, Schaumburg, IL 60193. WF Machinery, Inc. will serve the growing demand in the North American market for advanced spinning, flow-forming, profiling and necking-in machinery. From its new Schaumburg location WF will also provide technical support and spare parts to serve its expanding customer base.

New Technology Drives Growth

With over 40 years’ experience in designing and building technologically-advanced machine tools and more than 70 active patents, WF Maschinenbau is the solution-driven innovation leader for the chipless metal spinning and forming market. The company’s worldwide unique R&D department features four machines for demonstrations and trials and a team of 100 highly-skilled employees and engineers to propel the continuous development of increasingly sophisticated systems and improvements to existing spinning and forming technology.

Your Perfect Partner: WF Machinery, Inc.

Al Gildemeister, president of International Technologies, Inc. is well known in the North American chipless metal forming market. Of Mr. Gildemeister’s new role as Sales Director for WF Machinery, Inc., WF Area Sales Director Martin Thiele remarked: “It was a well-considered decision of WF, Germany to place WF Machinery, Inc. in the hands of International Technologies (IT). Having access to the network of a well-known distributor of state-of-the-art lean metal fabricating machinery is a big step forward for WF in securing the North American market.”

WF Machinery, Inc. will be well served by International Technologies’ experience in sales, service and spare parts, technical consulting, and freight and logistics. WF’s Schaumburg location will include spare parts inventory, a demo-ready showroom, conference facility, and a technical support center for customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
“Never underestimate the importance to a customer of local sales, service, and parts,” said IT President Alan Gildemeister. “Customers want to know that when they need help there is someone close by who understands the urgency of their situation. When there is an ocean and a big time difference between their shop and the help they need, that can be a huge concern. By opening a North American operations center close to Chicago, one of the biggest shipping hubs in the country, WF will be in a much better position to serve customers.”

Partnership Will Expand Awareness of New Fabricating Technologies

With a greater presence in North America, WF and WF Machinery, Inc. hope to expand the awareness of the tremendous possibilities made available by spinning, flow-forming, profiling and necking-in technologies. Until now these processes were not nearly as well-known as more traditional methods of fabricating metal parts.

“I am thrilled by the opportunities available for WF Machinery, Inc.,” said Gildemeister. “Some of the shops who need what WF excels at to stay competitive are unaware of the impact these kinds of advancements in lean fabricating can have on their bottom line. Now we can help them make it happen.”