International Technologies has pre-owned heavy duty metal folders available now at very affordable prices including 1/4″, 6 GA, 9 GA, 10 GA, and 11 GA capacities with bending lengths from 10′ – 14′.

Here is our current list of available pre-owned metal folders. These machines are refurbished and ready to hit your shop floor running.

All machines are on a first come, first shipped basis. IT accepts pre-orders and short-term layaways with an appropriate down payment.

FASTI 212 40/3 metal folder:

Capacity: 11 GA x 13′
Hydraulic clamping
157″ motorized backgauge
2-D CNC control

Fasti 212 40/3 heavy duty metal folder

FASTI FP60 32/6:

Capacity: 1/4″ MS x 126″
CNC crowning
LCD touchscreen CNC control
SICK front safety guards

Heavy duty sheet metal folder: Fasti FP60 32/6

FASTI 215 32/4:

Capacity: 9 GA MS x 10′
Extended open to 500 mm
LCD touchscreen PLC control
Heavy duty, motorized backgauge

9 Gauge, 10' folder with heavy duty backgauge

FASTI 225 32/6:

Capacity: 1/4″ x 10′
L-shaped backgauge
Delem CNC Control

10' 1/4" heavy duty Fasti 225 folder

Hochstrate pre-owned bending machines!

Hochstrate U.S. Edition folder

Capacities: 9 GA x 10 and 6 GA x 14′


Each machine features:

Patented CNC dynamic hydraulic camber system
Siemens touch screen control
Motorized backgauge
Full set of tooling