My Spot Resistance Spot Welders

My Spot Resistance Spot Welders

Since 1976 Koyo Giken’s My Spot resistance spot welding machines have revolutionized spot welding technology.


What makes the My Spot so unique? Progress through innovation.

  • Ergonomic “floating” welding guns allow the operator to move the welding tip to the weld spot.
  • Welding with a My Spot is easy to learn. Operators make perfect welds the very first time.
  • The My Spot design virtually eliminates fixturing and set up for a tremendous increase in productivity.
  • My Spot welds are cool to the touch. Weld marks are practically invisible with minimal indentation.
  • Perfect for bolt and nut applications.
  • Welds most materials including mild steel, galvanneal, stainless steel, galvanized, and aluminum.
  • Exclusive Easy Setting Timer. Just enter the material and thickness and the control does the rest!
  • Dual-arm models for tall, large and long, and deep and narrow weld points.


  • Switchboard panels, NEMA boxes
  • Steel furniture
  • Tool chests
  • Food cases
  • Vending machines
  • Signboards
  • Compressor cases
  • Car doors

Standard Features

Koyo Giken designed an advanced power supply that provides welding current in 0.01 seconds. That means practically no burn marks and no distortion.

  • Clean, strong welds with little or no finishing required
  • Less distortion: the flattest finished surfaces imaginable
  • No sheet separation
  • Welds aluminum up to 2 mm in 0.01 second
  • High speed power supply further reduces energy consumption to 1/7 of traditional My Spot models
  • Superior results with bolt and nut and clean mesh welding.
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